What is a Hands Free Speakerphone?

The hands free speakerphone refers to different technologies that offer people a way to talk on the phone without having to use their hands. Most will agree that a telephone is a fabulous invention, but whether a mobile phone or a phone at home, they do keep the hands tied up. To counteract this, there are now many different types of the hands free speakerphone, adaptable for on the go use, home use or in the office.

Generally, a speakerphone implies that the phone is not held up to the ear, but this may or may not be the case with a hands free speakerphone. Some may define this phone as any kind that doesn’t require hand use. Therefore things like a Bluetooth phone headset, which can be worn instead of carried, could fit the definition. Alternately, in a more accurate sense, the speakerphone could be far away from the person’s ear or mouth. It could still pick up conversation and play it out loud through a speaker so more than one person can hear it.

Especially with cellphones, people may have a headset or hands free speakerphone option. Some people prefer a headset because voices may sound a little more real and less “tinny.” It’s also possible to drown out other noises or restrict the conversation to two people instead of having a whole audience, such as everyone sitting in a car, listening to it.

There are many types of hands free speakerphones associated with home use. A great many phone styles give people a speakerphone option. Within a certain distance from a phone a person can then hear the conversation and contribute to it, without needing to carry the phone. It becomes abundantly clear why people may prefer headset styles. A home or office speakerphone might be able to pick up the conversation in one room, but people can’t get that far from the phone. With a variety of headsets people can travel and talk and still remain hands free.

A hands free speakerphone may be even more functional, if the hands don’t do the work of dialing. A few phones, though pricier than many models, are voice activated. They can be instructed on how to dial and may minimize, though they may not fully eliminate dialing. When people have visual impairment, these phones can make sense and some people prefer them simply to cut down on extra steps of dialing.

Given the range of hands free speakerphone types, people will have many places to potentially shop for them. Electronic and telephone stores are good places to get a sense of the technology available, or people might want to head to a cellphone store to see hands free devices. Plenty of different models can be found online, too, but demonstration of models is a good way to determine best quality with the most attractive features.