What is a Corded Speakerphone?

A corded speakerphone is a type of telephone where the handset is attached to the base with a cord, and the phone features the capability of speakerphone. This type of phone is common in offices, where one will need to be able to hang up the handset and talk on the phone using the speakerphone feature, while working on a computer or doing other work with the hands. Of course, a corded speakerphone may be used in the home as well, but it is somewhat less common due to the inconvenience of needing to stand by the phone to speak. Cordless speakerphones tend to be much more common in the home.

A corded speakerphone can act as a convenient hands-free device in the office. Many of these phones have a number of additional features, including the ability to use multiple voicemail mailboxes, program numbers into the phone, or block certain numbers from being dialed, among others. It may also feature an LCD screen with a clock and caller ID information. A corded speakerphone may have the capability to accept calls from more than one line, and it may also feature a digital answering system instead of voicemail, depending on the design.

Generally, to use a corded speakerphone, it is necessary to simply press the speakerphone button and hang up the handset. The phone will feature a built-in external microphone, and the caller’s voice will be transmitted through the speaker. Nearly all corded speakerphones have volume adjustment, both for the ringer and for the speakerphone feature. It is then possible for the user to continue working or typing while talking on the phone.

This type of corded speakerphone is often used in meetings as well. The phone can be conveniently placed in the middle of a large table or desk, and more than one person can then speak to the caller through the speakerphone feature. This can help businesses save money on travel.

Corded speakerphones designed for home use are often simpler than those designed for use in the office. They may be designed with larger buttons, which could be convenient for the elderly or visually impaired. These often feature digital answering systems included, as well as caller ID. In general, a corded speakerphone designed for the office will be considerably more expensive than one for home use, but it may be possible to save money by purchasing these telephones in bulk.