What is a Gamer’s Keyboard?

A gamer’s keyboard is one that is specifically suited for gaming action, either on the Internet or a software game program already on a computer. They carry several features that make them somewhat more user-friendly for gamers than standard keyboards. A gamer’s keyboard may cost a little more money, but many find them to advantageous in certain situations.

In the ever-popular world of computer gaming, it was only natural that a gamer’s keyboard would eventually be created. After all, gamers have everything else already custom made, including the rest of the computer, it seems only natural this would be a natural evolution. Though not standard with any computer, gamer’s keyboards are a valuable add on.

There are many features a gamer’s keyboard may have. The one standard is that nearly all are backlit. This helps in low-light situations typical of a gaming environment. Those playing such games usually keep the room lights low to provide a greater contrast on the screen, especially if using a larger monitor. Further, there may be other keys utilized by gamers that are not traditionally reached by touch typing. In such situations, a backlit gamer’s keyboard is very advantageous.

In many cases, a gamer’s keyboard may be wireless. This will help to connect to other systems which have multiplayer capabilities. Gamers can just take their keyboards over to a friends house, connect wirelessly and begin competing. With each gamer having their own keyboard, the competition can take place conveniently for all involved at the same location.

Another feature a gamer’s keyboard often has is the type of keys and the way they are manufactured. They must be separate from each other with slightly more spacing than a traditional keyboard so that accidental key pushing is minimized. Further, the keyboard may require a firmer press than most keyboards, simply to decrease the chances the key was touched by accident. While some users may like these features, others may find them annoying and harder to adapt to.

Some gamer’s keyboards also have other features such as specialized keys that can be programmed to perform certain functions related to the game. Some manufacturers call these G keys. These keys can accept programming even while the game is being played, thus further increasing the advantage a player may have.
A lower end gamer’s keyboard can be purchased for approximately $20 US Dollars (USD), though many serious gamers may find these feature poor and a waste of money. Higher end models can run more than $100 USD. The key for most gamers is to find a board that has a good feel for them, but also has enough additional features to provide a good advantage when playing computer games.