What is a Phone Headset?

A phone headset is a device that is used to speak on the telephone while keeping the talker’s hands free. This is very useful when the person wants to talk on the telephone while driving, working on a computer, or taking notes. There are different types of headsets on the market today depending on the phone it will be used with and your personal preference.

A phone headset will often have speakers for one or both ears with a microphone attached. There are wired versions available, as well as wireless headsets. They will sit on your head like many of the headphones you can find today. This makes it much more comfortable for workers to talk on the phone without having to hold the phone with their shoulder and head. Phone headsets can be a better option than putting the call on speakerphone if privacy is important.

If you’re looking for a phone headset for your home phone, you will need to make sure that the telephone has the proper jack for the headset to be plugged into. You can call your phone’s manufacturer to ask if the model you have will work with a headset. If not, they may suggest a model that does. Most cell phones will work with a headset. An employee at your cellular store can give you suggestions on what is a better choice for your mobile phone. Blue tooth headsets are common because people don’t have any wires connecting the phone headset to the cell phone.

If you’re driving while talking on the phone, it is highly recommended that you use a headset so that you have both hands available to control the vehicle. Employees at workstations with headsets are often much more comfortable for multiple reasons. Work can be done more efficiently by having both hands available to write or type with and they won’t get cramps from having to sit in an uncomfortable posture to hold the phone with their shoulder and neck.

There are various models of telephone headsets available. Many customer service representatives will want a phone headset with a microphone that has a noise cancellation or reduction feature. This way, the person speaking to the customer service representative can’t hear the noises in the background, such as other employees on the phone or keyboard noises. You may want to check with your employer to see if they have any phone headset requirements before making a purchase.