What is a Wireless Surveillance System?

A wireless surveillance system is convenient for many situations. As the phrase suggests, it does not need wires to do its job of recording what goes on in the environment in which it is placed. Instead, this type uses radio transmitters and receivers that get their power from batteries rather than wired electricity. This makes them especially flexible, so they can be set up either inside or outside. They can also be hidden or obvious, depending on the goal of the camera’s owner.

People who want to deter thieves and intruders might set up a wireless surveillance system outside the home or office, in a place that is obvious to potential troublemakers. Those looking to catch thieves in the act could hide the camera. Either way, most home security cameras enable captured images to be viewed on a television or computer monitor.

A wireless surveillance system is also usually portable. This is especially convenient for camera users who might need it at multiple locations at different times. With home surveillance systems, users will be spared the time and trouble of unhooking several wires and rewiring the camera system each time they need to move it.

Most security products are highly specialized, and this goes for the wireless variety, as well. Someone who has only a small space to place a camera can count on a number of tiny wireless home security systems. In fact, many come disguised within everyday products, like pens, smoke detectors, and VCRs. Some are perfect for fitting into pockets or briefcases, and also include the ability to record sounds. Hidden cameras are nearly always wireless, making them convenient to keep an eye on people covertly.

An outdoor wireless surveillance system often comes equipped with extras, from night vision and motion detection technology to particularly long range views. When considering purchasing outdoor security products, it is wise to decide on the camera that is weatherproof and includes a vandal proof housing. Such a camera will likely last longer outside.

Depending on the size of the home or office building, one or more cameras that are networked together will be necessary to supply the proper security. In fact, since there is a limited amount of distance between the camera’s sensors, most buildings or large homes will need more than one to properly secure the premises. No matter how many cameras are needed, many homeowners and business owners may appreciate the convenience of a wireless surveillance system if they plan to either move it often or just install it themselves.