What is a WMA Editor?

A WMA editor is a computer program that allows a user to access, edit, and save WMA files for use in a variety of other applications. WMA files are typically audio only files, so while some audio editing software may allow a user to edit WMA files, there are also programs that are more pointedly intended for use with WMA and similar types of files. A WMA editor may also allow a user to save a file that has been opened through the program as a different audio file type, such as an MP3, or to open other types of files and save them as a WMA.

WMA files are computer files that use the Windows media audio format and are typically intended for use with other programs or can be played through players such as Windows Media Player and similar products. A WMA editor allows a computer user to record, open, edit, and save various audio files as this particular file type and can be used by professionals in sound design, film and television, radio, video game design, and other industries. Different software developers have made a variety of programs that can work as WMA editors and anyone interested in these types of products should consult developer websites for specific information on a particular WMA editor.

Many editors can allow a person to open a different type of audio file and save it as a WMA file, which can make accessing the file easier for other programs. Some players and similar programs are only able to access audio files of the proper file type or that are compressed using audio codecs the player can utilize. A WMA editor can allow a person to open an audio file that a player may not recognize and resave that file as a WMA file that the player could then properly play.

The use of a WMA editor is also fairly common in audio recording industries where sound files are often recorded, changed, and saved for further use. A WMA editor would usually feature a user interface that displayed audio information in graphical wave patterns, so a user could easily isolate certain areas of the audio track for editing. This would allow an editor using such a program to quickly and easily cut, copy, and paste audio information to create a new recording. Both music and vocal recordings are often edited in this way, either to create a master recording utilizing the best aspects of numerous recordings or to piece together a longer piece from shorter individual recordings.