What is an Electronics Charging Station?

Many people in the world increasingly need a place to charge all their electronic devices. This could be done haphazardly, with the cell phone in the living room, the MP3 connected to the computer, and the PDA plugged into the wall in the bedroom. This is admittedly annoying, and being able to charge everything at once is a lot easier. Fortunately, a number of creative folks have built different types of the electronics charging station, which lends organization and ease to the problem of running down the batteries on favorite handheld devices.

The electronics charging station may sometimes be marketed and sold as an electronics valet. Each station may differ in what it actually offers. One of the key differences is number of available outlets.
These can vary from four to eight or more, depending on design. What is typically available on the station is a strip of outlets into which most electronic devices can be plugged. The station then has another plug that goes directly into a wall, so it does need to be located near a wall plug. Some even feel it’s worthwhile to plug the station into a surge protector; so all electronics are safer if a sudden power surge occurs. Occasionally stations may offer different ways to power up devices and have USB connectors or means of using solar power to save on energy.

When the electronics charging station is sold as a valet, it may have additional features. It could have drawers or pockets in which to keep money, credit cards or checkbooks. Some of these also have holders that are useful for storing keys. Valets are often marketed as wonderful organizing tools because they can store most of the things people would need when exiting a house and many of the things they’d want to put away when coming home. To greater or lesser degree, stations not specifically marketed as valets may mimic this design and offer other cubbies, holes or drawers in which to store commonly carried things.

There can be considerable difference in design features of an electronics charging station. In addition to varying the amount of devices they can power up at one time, they may be different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Some look classic and are made in wood, while others could be made in plastic or metals and given a variety of different finishes or paint colors. This variety may be very useful when it comes to finding a station that integrates seamlessly with the design aesthetics of a home. Travel stations can be useful, too, and often come with easy to carry or zip up features for greater security.

Lots of companies make and sell different forms of the electronics charging station. They may be available in some department and big box stores, and occasionally in retail outlet stores. There are also many in catalogs and a variety to choose from online. Price can vary depending on maker, quality of materials and individual store.