How do I Choose the Best Mobile Solar Charger?

A mobile solar charger is a special battery charger that uses a small solar panel to generate energy. Choosing the best solar charger typically depends on the size of the charger you need and your budget. These charging devices can be used to charge a number of electronic devices and come in multiple shapes and sizes.
Mobile chargers are available for cars, boats, computers, and cell phones. Each type of charger is built to generate specific amperage during charging. These solar panel chargers come in many forms and fit most electronic devices.

A mobile solar charger is more expensive than a standard charger. Most units can cost several hundred dollars. These devices are typically used by people who are on the go and who don’t have access to standard outlets for charging.
A solar powered backpack is a good option for outdoor enthusiasts who have several items they need to charge. This power pack includes a large solar panel that is attached to the outer surface of the backpack. A solar powered backpack can charge cell phones or laptops and is often used by students and hikers who need to charge electronic devices while on the go.

Cell phone solar chargers are typically compact devices that have solar panels that span out when charging is needed. This mobile solar charger works on devices that require small amperage, but is limited in total capacity. A laptop solar charger is configured with large, folding solar panels that can deliver sufficient power to charge a computer. This device is small enough to fit in a standard book bag. The panels should be folded onto a flat surface during charging to ensure adequate sunlight reaches the solar panels.

Many boats and recreational vehicles use a mobile solar charger to keep batteries charged while they are stored for the season. These solar chargers include a small panel that can easily fit on a dashboard. This type of charger provides a small trickle charge to a 12-volt battery, which keeps it fresh for the new season.

Solar powered camping gear is available for tents and camping equipment. It generates electricity to power small radios, lights, and electronic equipment in remote areas. Many lanterns are also available with solar tops that are perfect for outdoor camping.