How do I Choose the Best PDA Freeware?

A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant, a handheld computer that generally contains contact and calendar information, including appointments and to-do lists. It may include a phone, in which case it can be classified as a smartphone, and if it is wireless or WiFi capable, it may also be capable of retrieving and sending email and Internet access. The best PDA freeware for you to use is, first of all, freeware that is compatible with the operating system of the PDA you have.

When you’re looking for PDA freeware, the second thing to consider is a trusted source. Since freeware doesn’t have the same kind of backing as paid software, so may be incomplete or buggy. It can also contain spyware or other malware. Therefore, the best sources for PDA freeware are those that guarantee that the freeware is spyware-free and offer reviews and ratings, as well as download counts. Freeware with a lot of downloads and a high rating is more likely to work well.

The next thing to consider in choosing PDA freeware is what kind of app you’re looking for. The most reliable sites will have the software categorized and a good search mechanism to help you find what you need. Categories are likely to include browsers, business software, developer tools, games, Internet software, networking software, security software, and utilities.

Aside from standard freeware — like Adobe Reader or the Firefox browser, for example — when you’re looking for the best PDA freeware, another bit of good advice is to be willing to try several options. Since there’s no cost, it’s fairly painless to do, and doing so means you have the opportunity to find the best fit for your needs. Some PDA freeware is a “lite” version of a paid app, and in this case, trying out the lite version can give you a sense of how the paid program will work, and a feel for the interface and the quality. In this case, the freeware can serve as a demo for the full-featured product, essentially letting you try before you buy.