How do I Send a SMS?

Short message service (SMS) provides a way for people to communicate with each other through their mobile phones as well as from computers to mobile phones. Sending an SMS is usually pretty simple. To send a message this way, you will usually click on a menu option to create an SMS or text message on your phone, type your message using the keys on your mobile phone, and then click send. You may even send an SMS via the Internet by providing the recipient’s SMS address and typing your message into a website’s form box or into an email program.

The easiest way to send an SMS is through your mobile phone. To send an SMS this way, you will typically access the main menu on your phone and find the menu selection that says “Messages.” After clicking on “Messages,” you will likely have to select and click the menu item that reads something similar to “Create a Message,” “Create an SMS,” “New Message,” or “Send a Text.” This will usually open a message box into which you can type your contact’s mobile phone number or contact name and the message you’d like to send. After typing your message into the box, you may then click “Send” to send the SMS message.

You may also send an SMS via the Internet. To send an SMS through a website, you will typically have to enter the recipient’s text message address. It will usually consist of a number followed by the “@” symbol and the domain of your recipient’s mobile phone provider. It may look like this, for example: After entering this information into the appropriate box on the SMS form, you may type your message and click “Send.”

You may even send an SMS through your own email account. To do so, you’ll usually need to open your email account and type the recipient’s SMS address into the contact or recipient box. Then, you’ll have to type a short message into the field normally used for email. Finally, you’ll have to click “Send” to send your SMS message on its way.

Depending on the details of your mobile service account, you may incur charges for each SMS you send or send them free as part of your service. In most cases, you may send email SMS messages free of charge, though the recipient may be charged for receiving the message. Some online SMS messaging sites are free as well, especially when this option is offered by your mobile phone service provider and you are messaging someone who uses the same provider.